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DNSSEC sign metrics: CHANGES, doc, release note

Add some information about the new statistic-channel DNS sign
metrics. Also add a CHANGES and release note entry.
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5254. [func] Collect metrics to report to the statistics-channel
DNSSEC signing operations (dnssec-sign) and refresh
operations (dnssec-refresh) per zone and per keytag.
[GL #513]
5253. [port] Support platforms that don't define ULLONG_MAX.
[GL #1098]
......@@ -5425,6 +5425,8 @@ options {
<command>zone-statistics terse</command> or
<command>zone-statistics none</command>
in the <command>zone</command> statement).
These include, for example, DNSSEC signing operations
and the number of authoritative answers per query type.
The default is <userinput>terse</userinput>, providing
minimal statistics on zones (including name and
current serial number, but not query type
......@@ -143,6 +143,20 @@
[GL #865]
Two new metrics have been added to the
<command>statistics-channel</command> to report DNSSEC
signing operations. For each key in each zone, the
<command>dnssec-sign</command> counter indicates the total
number of signatures <command>named</command> has generated
using that key since server startup, and the
<command>dnssec-refresh</command> counter indicates how
many of those signatures were refreshed during zone
maintenance, as opposed to having been generated
as a result of a zone update. [GL #513]
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