Commit 3ad16d4c authored by Bob Halley's avatar Bob Halley
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In find_closest_nxt(), do not return DNS_R_BADDB because of glue

parent 32b2cdf2
428. [bug] rbtdb.c:find_closest_nxt() erroneously returned
DNS_R_BADDB for nodes which had neither NXT nor SIG NXT
(e.g. glue). This could cause SERVFAILs when
generating negative responses in a secure zone.
427. [bug] Avoid going into an infinite loop when the validator
gets a negative response to a key query where the
records are signed by the missing key.
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
/* $Id: rbtdb.c,v 1.124 2000/09/06 23:16:14 gson Exp $ */
/* $Id: rbtdb.c,v 1.125 2000/09/07 20:09:58 halley Exp $ */
* Principal Author: Bob Halley
......@@ -1495,15 +1495,11 @@ find_closest_nxt(rbtdb_search_t *search, dns_dbnode_t **nodep,
* We've found the right NXT record.
* XXXRTH Well, not necessarily. If
* someone adds an NS rdataset causing a
* tree to be obscured, we might be looking
* at a NXT record in the obscured part of
* the tree. To avoid this, we must either
* erase all the NXT records (causing lots
* of IXFR work), or we must somehow determine
* that we're looking at one. For now, we
* do nothing.
* Note: for this to really be the right
* NXT record, it's essential that the NXT
* records of any nodes obscured by a zone
* cut have been removed; we assume this is
* the case.
result = dns_name_concatenate(name, origin,
foundname, NULL);
......@@ -1520,6 +1516,17 @@ find_closest_nxt(rbtdb_search_t *search, dns_dbnode_t **nodep,
foundsig, search->now,
} else if (found == NULL && foundsig == NULL) {
* This node is active, but has no NXT or
* SIG NXT. That means it's glue or
* other obscured zone data that isn't
* relevant for our search. Treat the
* node as if it were empty and keep looking.
empty_node = ISC_TRUE;
result = dns_rbtnodechain_prev(&search->chain,
} else {
* We found an active node, but either the
......@@ -1528,30 +1535,6 @@ find_closest_nxt(rbtdb_search_t *search, dns_dbnode_t **nodep,
result = DNS_R_BADDB;
* XXXRTH This is where we'll deal with obscured
* nodes. We have to do this whether we found
* a NXT or not, since we don't want to return
* DNS_R_BADDB for an obscured node that has no
* NXT (maybe the zone has been re-signed and the
* obscured NXTs eliminated). Here's what we'll
* do:
* Search the levels above us for a node
* with the find_callback bit set.
* See if there is an active DNAME or zonecut.
* If so, unbind any bindings we've made, and
* continue on. If we really feel ambitious,
* we can unwind the chain to the cut point,
* and continue searching from there. Probably
* not worth it for 9.0.0 since this will be a
* very uncommon case.
* Otherwise, the result we got (a NXT or
* DNS_R_BADDB) is the right result.
} else {
* This node isn't active. We've got to keep
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