Commit 3b1bd3f4 authored by Tony Finch's avatar Tony Finch Committed by Mark Andrews

Omit spurious newlines when reporting DNSKEY changes

These caused blank lines to appear in the logs.
parent aafb804e
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......@@ -1825,14 +1825,14 @@ publish_key(dns_diff_t *diff, dns_dnsseckey_t *key, const dns_name_t *origin,
RETERR(make_dnskey(key->key, buf, sizeof(buf), &dnskey));
dst_key_format(key->key, keystr, sizeof(keystr));
report("Fetching %s (%s) from key %s.\n",
report("Fetching %s (%s) from key %s.",
keystr, key->ksk ? (key->zsk ? "CSK" : "KSK") : "ZSK",
key->source == dns_keysource_user ? "file" : "repository");
if (key->prepublish && ttl > key->prepublish) {
isc_stdtime_t now;
report("Key %s: Delaying activation to match the DNSKEY TTL.\n",
report("Key %s: Delaying activation to match the DNSKEY TTL.",
keystr, ttl);
......@@ -1857,7 +1857,7 @@ remove_key(dns_diff_t *diff, dns_dnsseckey_t *key, const dns_name_t *origin,
char alg[80];
dns_secalg_format(dst_key_alg(key->key), alg, sizeof(alg));
report("Removing %s key %d/%s from DNSKEY RRset.\n",
report("Removing %s key %d/%s from DNSKEY RRset.",
reason, dst_key_id(key->key), alg);
RETERR(make_dnskey(key->key, buf, sizeof(buf), &dnskey));
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