Commit 3cf2fb29 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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add automatic-interface-scan to ARM grammar

(cherry picked from commit 90499817)
parent 93ca5ee4
......@@ -4670,6 +4670,7 @@ badresp:1,adberr:0,findfail:0,valfail:0]
<optional> break-dnssec <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable> </optional>
<optional> min-ns-dots <replaceable>number</replaceable> </optional>
<optional> qname-wait-recurse <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable> </optional>
<optional> automatic-interface-scan <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable> </optional>
; </optional>
<optional>v6-bias <replaceable>number</replaceable> ; </optional>
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