Commit 3d121ede authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień

Remove unused YAML anchors

Some YAML anchors defined in .gitlab-ci.yml are not subsequently used.
Remove them to prevent confusion.
parent 3d264dbe
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......@@ -98,10 +98,6 @@ stages:
image: "$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:debian-stretch-amd64"
<<: *linux_amd64
.debian-stretch-i386: &debian_stretch_i386_image
image: "$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:debian-stretch-i386"
<<: *linux_i386
.debian-buster-amd64: &debian_buster_amd64_image
image: "$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:debian-buster-amd64"
<<: *linux_amd64
......@@ -136,18 +132,10 @@ stages:
image: "$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:ubuntu-xenial-amd64"
<<: *linux_amd64
.ubuntu-xenial-i386: &ubuntu_xenial_i386_image
image: "$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:ubuntu-xenial-i386"
<<: *linux_i386
.ubuntu-bionic-amd64: &ubuntu_bionic_amd64_image
image: "$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:ubuntu-bionic-amd64"
<<: *linux_amd64
.ubuntu-bionic-i386: &ubuntu_bionic_i386_image
image: "$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:ubuntu-bionic-i386"
<<: *linux_i386
# Base image
# This is a meta image that is used as a base for non-specific jobs
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