Commit 43bbab6d authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt
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[master] typo

parent f0f86b03
......@@ -3106,7 +3106,7 @@ isc__socket_sendtov(isc_socket_t *sock, isc_bufferlist_t *buflist,
isc__socket_sendtov2(isc_socket_t *sock, isc_bufferlist_t *buflist,
isc_task_t *task, isc_taskaction_t action, const void *arg,
isc_sockaddr_t *address, struct in6_pktinfo *pktinfo
isc_sockaddr_t *address, struct in6_pktinfo *pktinfo,
unsigned int flags)
isc_socketevent_t *dev;
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