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5366. [bug] Fix a race condition with the keymgr when the same
zone plus dnssec-policy is configured in multiple
views. [GL #1653]
5365. [bug] Algorithm rollover was stuck on submitting DS
because keymgr thought it would move to an invalid
state. Fixed by when checking the current key,
......@@ -11132,6 +11132,13 @@ CNAME rpz-tcp-only.
roll, which cryptographic algorithms to use, and how often RRSIG
records need to be refreshed.
Keys are not shared among zones, which means that one set of keys
per zone will be generated even if they have the same policy.
If multiple views are configured with different versions of the
same zone, each separate version will use the same set of signing
Multiple key and signing policies can be configured. To
attach a policy to a zone, add a <command>dnssec-policy</command>
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