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not that the query-source port is not used for TCP [RT #1033]

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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.0//EN"
<!-- File: $Id: Bv9ARM-book.xml,v 1.147 2001/06/29 21:10:45 bwelling Exp $ -->
<!-- File: $Id: Bv9ARM-book.xml,v 1.148 2001/07/06 20:39:43 gson Exp $ -->
<title>BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual</title>
......@@ -3304,10 +3304,11 @@ a random unprivileged port will be used. The defaults are</para>
<programlisting>query-source address * port *;
query-source-v6 address * port *
<para><command>query-source</command> currently applies only
to UDP queries; TCP queries always use a wildcard IP address and
a random unprivileged port.</para></note></sect3>
<para>The address specified in the <command>query-source</command> option
is used for both UDP and TCP queries, but the port applies only to
UDP queries. TCP queries always use a random
unprivileged port.</para></note></sect3>
<sect3 id="zone_transfers"><title>Zone Transfers</title>
<para><acronym>BIND</acronym> has mechanisms in place to facilitate zone transfers
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