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<!-- $Id: FAQ.xml,v 1.40 2008/07/17 00:00:34 marka Exp $ -->
<!-- $Id: FAQ.xml,v 1.41 2008/07/17 00:12:41 marka Exp $ -->
<article class="faq">
<title>Frequently Asked Questions about BIND 9</title>
......@@ -717,7 +717,17 @@ zone "" {
Step 10: Increment the serial number and wait for the change to
be visible in all nameservers for the zone. This ensures that
zone transfers are still working after the old servers are
Note: the above proceedure is designed to be transparent
to dns clients. Decommisioning the old servers too early
will result in some clients not being able to look up
answers in the zone.
Note: while it is possible to run the addition and removal
stages together it is not recommended.
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