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improve dnssec-enable and dnssec-validation documentation

This is for #37362
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......@@ -6867,8 +6867,11 @@ options {
Enable DNSSEC support in <command>named</command>. Unless set to <userinput>yes</userinput>,
<command>named</command> behaves as if it does not support DNSSEC.
This indicates whether DNSSEC-related resource
records are to be returned by <command>named</command>.
If set to <userinput>no</userinput>,
<command>named</command> will not return DNSSEC-related
resource records unless specifically queried for.
The default is <userinput>yes</userinput>.
......@@ -6891,6 +6894,14 @@ options {
<command>managed-keys</command> statement. The default
is <userinput>yes</userinput>.
Whenever the resolver sends out queries to an
EDNS-compliant server, it always sets the DO bit
indicating it can support DNSSEC responses even if
<command>dnssec-validation</command> is off.
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