Commit 4f5d35f6 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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parent a48de0f7
......@@ -24,74 +24,74 @@ rt11398d open sra // doxygen dev
rt11543 open jakob
rt11733 open jakob
rt11733b open jakob
rt12895 new
rt12895 closed
rt13489 review marka
rt13555 open marka // nslookup name failure
rt13562 open marka
rt13606 review marka // TSIG SHA256
rt13662_alt2 review marka // rrset-order fixed
rt13606 closed marka // TSIG SHA256
rt13662_alt2 closed marka // rrset-order fixed
rt14623 open
rt14654 open
rt14815 open // stats blind spots
rt14895 open jinmei
rt14895b open
rt14895b open jinmei
rt15327 open
rt15452 new
rt15452 open marka // NSEC3
rt15473 review marka
rt15473b review marka
rt15592 review
rt15608 review
rt15620 review
rt15633 review
rt15674 review
rt15694 review
rt15695 review
rt15698 new
rt15702 review
rt15704 review
rt15709 review
rt15742 review
rt15753 review
rt15758 review
rt15758a new
rt15592 closed
rt15608 closed
rt15620 closed
rt15633 closed
rt15674 closed
rt15694 closed
rt15695 closed
rt15698 open
rt15702 closed
rt15704 closed
rt15709 closed
rt15742 closed
rt15753 closed
rt15758 closed
rt15758a closed
rt15765 open
rt15795 review
rt15807 review
rt15808 review
rt15812 review
rt15813 new
rt15817 new
rt15818 new
rt15825 new
rt15835 new
rt15840 new
rt15844 new
rt15849 new
rt15855 new
rt15860 new
rt15878 new
rt15941 new
rt15958 new
rt15959 new
rt15960 new
rt15970 new
rt15976 new
rt15992 new
rt16020 new
rt16026 new
rt16027 new
rt16030 new
rt16034 new
rt16037 new
rt16073 new
rt16074 new
rt16075 new
rt16122 new
rt16123 new
rt16124 new
rt15795 closed
rt15807 closed
rt15808 closed
rt15812 closed
rt15813 closed
rt15817 closed
rt15818 closed
rt15825 closed
rt15835 closed
rt15840 closed
rt15844 closed
rt15849 closed
rt15855 closed
rt15860 open
rt15878 closed
rt15941 closed
rt15958 closed
rt15959 review
rt15960 closed
rt15970 closed
rt15976 closed
rt15992 closed
rt16020 closed
rt16026 closed
rt16027 closed
rt16030 closed
rt16034 closed
rt16037 closed
rt16073 closed
rt16074 closed
rt16075 review
rt16122 review
rt16123 review
rt16124 review
rt1727 open // ixfr-from-differences workfile
rt6496a review marka
rt6496b new
rt6496a closed marka
rt6496b closed
skan new
skan-metazones1 private
skan_implicit_update1 new
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