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Update release checklist

Add an item to the release checklist to make sure confidential issues
assigned to the relevant milestone are made public after the BIND
versions addressing them are released.
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......@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@
- [ ] ***(SwEng)*** Push tags for the published releases to the public repository.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** For each maintained branch, update the `BIND_BASELINE_VERSION` variable for the `abi-check` job in `.gitlab-ci.yml` to the latest published BIND version tag for a given branch.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Prepare empty release notes for the next set of releases.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Sanitize all confidential issues assigned to the release milestone and make them public.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Update QA tools used in GitLab CI (e.g. Flake8, PyLint) by modifying the relevant `Dockerfile`.
[^1]: If not, use the time remaining until the tagging deadline to ensure all outstanding issues are either resolved or moved to a different milestone.
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