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initial commit of bind9 cron-driven multi-host makefile

parent 1f54fe71
# makefile to configure, build and test bind9
# this is run by cron (user wpk) on aa, sol, irix, hp and aix
# $PLATFORM is set in the environment by cron
BASE = $(HOME)/b9t
SDIR = $(BASE)/src
PDIR = $(BASE)/hosts/$(PLATFORM)
BDIR = $(PDIR)/build
all: clean config build test
@if test -f $(PDIR)/.clean; then mv $(PDIR)/.clean $(PDIR)/.clean-last; fi
@if test -f $(PDIR)/.build; then mv $(PDIR)/.build $(PDIR)/.build-last; fi
@if test -f $(PDIR)/.test; then mv $(PDIR)/.test $(PDIR)/.test-last; fi
clean: shuffle
-@( cd $(BDIR); if test -f Makefile ; then $(MAKE) distclean ; fi ) > $(PDIR)/.clean 2>&1
@( cd $(BDIR); $(SDIR)/bind9/configure ) > $(PDIR)/.configure 2>&1
@( cd $(BDIR); $(MAKE) -k all ) > $(PDIR)/.build 2>&1
-@( cd $(BDIR); $(MAKE) test ) > $(PDIR)/.test 2>&1
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