Commit 50a3eae6 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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4400. [bug] ttl policy was not being inherited in

                        [RT #42718]
parent 8d49a1a0
4400. [bug] ttl policy was not being inherited in
[RT #42718]
4399. [bug] 'ECCGOST', 'ECDSAP256SHA256', and
'ECDSAP384SHA384' don't have settable keysize.
[RT #42718]
......@@ -493,6 +493,12 @@ class dnssec_policy:
p.zsk_postpublish = parent and \
parent.zsk_postpublish or ap.zsk_postpublish
if p.keyttl is None:
parent = p.parent or self.named_policy['default']
while parent is not None and not parent.keyttl:
parent = parent.parent
p.keyttl = parent and parent.keyttl
if 'novalidate' not in kwargs or not kwargs['novalidate']:
(valid, msg) = p.validate()
if not valid:
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