Commit 5159597d authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień
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Fix awk invocation in the "verify" system test

Appending output of a command to the same file as the one that command
is reading from is a dangerous practice.  It seems to have accidentally
worked with all the awk implementations we have tested against so far,
but for BusyBox awk, doing this may result in the input/output file
being written to in an infinite loop.  Prevent this from happening by
redirect awk output to a temporary file and appending its contents to
the original file in a separate shell pipeline.

(cherry picked from commit bb9c1654)
parent 61981b36
......@@ -237,5 +237,7 @@ $4 == "NSEC3" && NF == 9 {
$1 = "H9P7U7TR2U91D0V0LJS9L1GIDNP90U3H." ZONE;
$9 = "H9P7U7TR2U91D0V0LJS9L1GIDNP90U3I";
}' ${file} >> ${file}
}' ${file} > ${file}.tmp
cat ${file}.tmp >> ${file}
rm -f ${file}.tmp
$SIGNER -3 - -Px -Z nonsecify -O full -o ${zone} -f ${file} ${file} $zsk > s.out$n 2>&1 || dumpit s.out$n
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