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[master] add "rndc nta" options to "rndc -h" output

parent e31a3778
......@@ -158,6 +158,18 @@ command is one of the following:\n\
Delete a TKEY-negotiated TSIG key.\n\
validation newstate [view]\n\
Enable / disable DNSSEC validation.\n\
nta [-lifetime duration] [-force] domain [view]\n\
Set a negative trust anchor, disabling DNSSEC validation\n\
for the given domain.\n\
Using -lifetime specifies the duration of the NTA, up\n\
to one day.\n\
Using -force prevents the NTA from expiring before its\n\
full lifetime, even if the domain can validate sooner.\n\
nta -remove domain [view]\n\
Remove a negative trust anchor, re-enabling validation\n\
for the given domain.\n\
nta -dump\n\
List all negative trust anchors.\n\
addzone zone [class [view]] { zone-options }\n\
Add zone to given view. Requires new-zone-file option.\n\
delzone [-clean] zone [class [view]]\n\
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