Commit 553c3e7e authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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parent aad7f75f
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ libbind_clean open jinmei
mlg-20000518 new
newresolver0 new
openssl_stub open marka
rt10718 new
rt10718 closed
rt10864 open marka // NSEC caching @ delegation
rt11382 open sra // dlz
rt11398a open sra // doxygen dev
......@@ -29,24 +29,24 @@ rt13555 open marka // nslookup name failure
rt13562 open marka
rt13606 open marka // TSIG SHA256
rt13662 open marka // rrset-order fixed
rt14666 open
rt14666 closed
rt14815 open // stats blind spots
rt14895 open jinmei
rt14895b open
rt14933 open // DLV
rt14933a new
rt14963 open // bad wildcard grants
rt14933a open
rt14963 closed // bad wildcard grants
rt14965 open // windows fixes
rt14996 open // tune based on request load
rt15005 new
rt15006 new
rt15034 new
rt15036 open // ixfr-from-differences serial
rt15103 new
rt15216 new
rt1727 new // ixfr-from-differences workfile
rt1727b new
rt1727c new
rt14996 closed // tune based on request load
rt15005 review
rt15006 review
rt15034 review
rt15036 closed // ixfr-from-differences serial
rt15103 closed
rt15216 review
rt1727 open // ixfr-from-differences workfile
rt1727b open
rt1727c open
rt5206_1 open marka // master from last notify
rt6496a open marka
skan new
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