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5195. [bug] "allow-update" and "allow-update-forwarding" were
treated as configuration errors if used at the
options or view level. [GL #913]
5194. [bug] Enforce non empty ZOMEMD hash. [GL #899]
5193. [bug] EID and NIMLOC failed to do multi-line output
......@@ -132,9 +132,12 @@
The presence of certain record types in an otherwise empty
node of a zone could trigger an assertion failure while processing
a query of type ANY. [GL #901]
The <command>allow-update</command> and
<command>allow-update-forwarding</command> options were
inadvertently treated as configuration errors when used at the
<command>options</command> or <command>view</command> level.
This has now been corrected.
[GL #913]
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