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Merge branch 'ondrej/changes-notes-v9_16' into 'master'

Add missing CHANGES notes from v9_16 branch

See merge request !3356
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5384. [bug] Deactivate the handle before sending the async close
callback. [GL #1700]
5383. [func] Add a quota attach function with a callback, cleanup
the isc_quota API. [GL !3280]
5382. [bug] Use clock_gettime() instead of gettimeofday() for
isc_stdtime() function. [GL #1679]
5381. [bug] Fix logging API data race by adding rwlock and cache
the logging levels in stdatomic variables to restore
the performance to original levels. [GL #1675, #1717]
5380. [contrib] Fix building the MySQL DLZ modules against MySQL 8
libraries. [GL #1678]
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