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Merge branch 'each-dead-code-cleanup' into 'master'

remove dead RPZ code

See merge request !1392
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......@@ -3668,40 +3668,7 @@ rpz_rewrite_name(ns_client_t *client, dns_name_t *trig_name,
(st->m.type == rpz_type &&
0 >= dns_name_compare(p_name, st->p_name))))
#if 0
* This code would block a customer reported information
* leak of rpz rules by rewriting requests in the
* rpz-ip, rpz-nsip, rpz-nsdname,and rpz-passthru TLDs.
* Without this code, a bad guy could request
* to find the policy rule for
* It is an insignificant leak and this
* code is not worth its cost, because the bad guy
* could publish " A" and request
* to get the same information.
* Keep code with "#if 0" in case customer demand
* is irresistible.
* We have the less frequent case of a triggered
* policy. Check that we have not trigger on one
* of the pretend RPZ TLDs.
* This test would make it impossible to rewrite
* names in TLDs that start with "rpz-" should
* ICANN ever allow such TLDs.
unsigned int labels;
labels = dns_name_countlabels(trig_name);
if (labels >= 2) {
dns_label_t label;
dns_name_getlabel(trig_name, labels-2, &label);
if (label.length >= sizeof(DNS_RPZ_PREFIX)-1 &&
strncasecmp((const char *)label.base+1,
sizeof(DNS_RPZ_PREFIX)-1) == 0)
if (rpz->policy != DNS_RPZ_POLICY_DISABLED) {
"rpz_rewrite_name: rpz_save_p");
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