Commit 597bdfef authored by Michael Graff's avatar Michael Graff
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Make this compile again after the dns_rdataset_totext()

parent 3ff8d687
......@@ -82,7 +82,8 @@ print_rdataset(dns_name_t *name, dns_rdataset_t *rdataset) {
isc_region_t r;
isc_buffer_init(&text, t, sizeof t, ISC_BUFFERTYPE_TEXT);
result = dns_rdataset_totext(rdataset, name, ISC_FALSE, &text);
result = dns_rdataset_totext(rdataset, name, ISC_FALSE, &text,
isc_buffer_used(&text, &r);
if (result == DNS_R_SUCCESS)
printf("%.*s", (int)r.length, (char *)r.base);
......@@ -45,7 +45,8 @@ print_dataset(dns_rdatacallbacks_t *callbacks, dns_name_t *owner,
callbacks = callbacks; /*unused*/
isc_buffer_init(&target, buf, 64*1024, ISC_BUFFERTYPE_TEXT);
result = dns_rdataset_totext(dataset, owner, ISC_FALSE, &target);
result = dns_rdataset_totext(dataset, owner, ISC_FALSE, &target,
if (result == DNS_R_SUCCESS)
fprintf(stdout, "%.*s\n", (int)target.used,
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