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CHANGES and release notes

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5096. [func] Use multiple event loops in socket code, and
make network threads CPU-affinitive. This
significantly improves performance on large
systems. [GL #666]
5095. [test] Converted all unit tests from ATF to CMocka;
removed the source code for the ATF libraries.
Build with "configure --with-cmocka" to enable
......@@ -131,6 +131,15 @@
<section xml:id="relnotes_features"><info><title>New Features</title></info>
Task manager and socket code have been substantially modified.
The manager uses per-cpu queues for tasks and network stack runs
multiple event loops in CPU-affinitive threads. This greatly
improves performance on large systems, especially when using
multi-queue NICs.
A new secondary zone option, <command>mirror</command>,
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