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note changed default of transfer-format option

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......@@ -19,6 +19,12 @@ If your named.conf file uses an unimplemented option, named will log a
warning message. A message is also logged about each option whose
default has changed unless the option is set explicitly in named.conf.
The default of the "transfer-format" option has changed from
"one-answer" to "many-answers". If you have slave servers that do not
understand the many-answers zone transfer format (e.g., BIND 4.9.5 or
older) you need to explicitly specify "transfer-format one-answer;" in
either the options block or a server statement.
1.2. Handling of Configuration File Errors
In BIND 9, named refuses to start if it detects an error in
......@@ -179,4 +185,4 @@ directing queries for a given domain to a particular set of name
$Id: migration,v 1.26 2001/03/11 18:39:19 bwelling Exp $
$Id: migration,v 1.27 2001/03/19 18:07:32 gson Exp $
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