Commit 5bc8feab authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý
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Merge branch '712-memleak-in-delv' into 'master'

Fix a small memleak in delv

Closes #712

See merge request !1101
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......@@ -765,7 +765,14 @@ setup_dnsseckeys(dns_client_t *client) {
if (dlv_validation)
dns_client_setdlv(client, dns_rdataclass_in, dlv_anchor);
if (bindkeys != NULL) {
cfg_obj_destroy(parser, &bindkeys);
if (parser != NULL) {
if (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS)
delv_log(ISC_LOG_ERROR, "setup_dnsseckeys: %s",
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