Commit 60804eec authored by Michael Graff's avatar Michael Graff
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build mempool_test, and clean up so things that don't need libdns don't link

or depend on them
parent bb3aa9b6
......@@ -26,9 +26,13 @@ CINCLUDES = -I${srcdir}/../../lib/isc/unix/include \
LIBS = ../../lib/dns/libdns.a \
../../lib/isc/libisc.a \
DNSLIBS = ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
ISCLIBS = ../../lib/isc/libisc.a
DNSDEPLIBS = ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
ISCDEPLIBS = ../../lib/isc/libisc.a
SUBDIRS = master names rbt
TARGETS = lex_test \
......@@ -44,51 +48,55 @@ TARGETS = lex_test \
wire_test \
master_test \
db_test \
compress_test \
lex_test: lex_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a
${CC} -o $@ lex_test.o ${LIBS}
lex_test: lex_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ lex_test.o ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
name_test: name_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS} ${DNSDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ name_test.o ${DNSLIBS} ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
name_test: name_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ name_test.o ${LIBS}
sock_test: sock_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ sock_test.o ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
sock_test: sock_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ sock_test.o ${LIBS}
sym_test: sym_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ sym_test.o ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
sym_test: sym_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a
${CC} -o $@ sym_test.o ${LIBS}
task_test: task_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ task_test.o ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
task_test: task_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ task_test.o ${LIBS}
shutdown_test: shutdown_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ shutdown_test.o ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
shutdown_test: shutdown_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ shutdown_test.o ${LIBS}
timer_test: timer_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ timer_test.o ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
timer_test: timer_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ timer_test.o ${LIBS}
rbt_test: rbt_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS} ${DNSDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ rbt_test.o ${DNSLIBS} ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
rbt_test: rbt_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ rbt_test.o ${LIBS}
rdata_test: rdata_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS} ${DNSDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ rdata_test.o ${DNSLIBS} ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
rdata_test: rdata_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ rdata_test.o ${LIBS}
rwlock_test: rwlock_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ rwlock_test.o ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
rwlock_test: rwlock_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ rwlock_test.o ${LIBS}
wire_test: wire_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS} ${DNSDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ wire_test.o ${DNSLIBS} ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
wire_test: wire_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ wire_test.o ${LIBS}
master_test: master_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS} ${DNSDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ master_test.o ${DNSLIBS} ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
master_test: master_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ master_test.o ${LIBS}
db_test: db_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS} ${DNSDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ db_test.o ${DNSLIBS} ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
db_test: db_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ db_test.o ${LIBS}
compress_test: compress_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS} ${DNSDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ compress_test.o ${DNSLIBS} ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
compress_test: compress_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ compress_test.o ${LIBS}
mempool_test: mempool_test.o ${ISCDEPLIBS}
${CC} -o $@ mempool_test.o ${ISCLIBS} ${LIBS}
clean distclean::
rm -f ${TARGETS}
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