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Fix some of the formatting and type definitions in the table in

chapter 1.

Applied patch from Michale Graff for the min & max refresh & retry
boolean options table in
parent 3d127d72
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ input</para></entry>
<row rowsep = "0">
<entry colname = "1" colsep = "1"><para>program output</para></entry>
<entry colname = "2"><para><command>Fixed Width Bold</command></para></entry>
<entry colname = "2"><para><computeroutput>Fixed Width Bold</computeroutput></para></entry>
......@@ -114,11 +114,11 @@ input</para></entry>
<row rowsep = "0">
<entry colname = "1" colsep = "1" rowsep = "1"><para>Program output</para></entry>
<entry colname = "2" rowsep = "1"><para><command>Fixed Width</command></para></entry>
<entry colname = "2" rowsep = "1"><para><computeroutput>Fixed Width</computeroutput></para></entry>
<row rowsep = "0">
<entry colname = "1" colsep = "1"><para>Optional input</para></entry>
<entry colname = "2"><para>Text is enclosed in square brackets</para></entry>
<entry colname = "2"><para><optional>Text is enclosed in square brackets</optional></para></entry>
......@@ -789,6 +789,10 @@ response</replaceable> )( <replaceable>warn</replaceable> | <replaceable>fail</r
<optional> min-roots <replaceable>number</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> use-ixfr <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable> ; </optional>
<optional> treat-cr-as-space <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable> ; </optional>
<optional> min-refresh-time <replaceable>number</replaceable> ; </optional>
<optional> max-refresh-time <replaceable>number</replaceable> ; </optional>
<optional> min-retry-time <replaceable>number</replaceable> ; </optional>
<optional> max-retry-time <replaceable>number</replaceable> ; </optional>
......@@ -1018,6 +1022,27 @@ on an NT or DOS machine. In <acronym>BIND</acronym> 9, both UNIX "<command>\n</c
and NT/DOS "<command>\r\n</command>" newlines are always accepted,
and the option is ignored.</para></entry>
<row rowsep = "0">
<entry colname = "1">
<entry colname = "2"><para>
These options control the server's behavior on refreshing a zone
(querying for SOA changes) or retrying failed transfers.
Usually the SOA values for the zone are used, but these values
are set by the master, giving slave server administrators little
control over their contents.
These options allow the administrator to set a minimum and maximum
refresh and retry time either per-zone, per-view, or per-server.
These options are valid for slave and stub zones, and clamp the SOA
refresh and retry times to the specified values.
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