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5080. [func] Improvements to "rndc nta" user interface:
- catch and report invalid command line options
- when removing an NTA from all views, do not
abort with an error if the NTA was not found
in one of the views
- include the view name in "rndc nta -dump"
output, for consistency with the add and remove
Thanks to Tony Finch. [GL !816]
5079. [func] Disable IDN processing in dig and nslookup
when not on a tty. [GL #653]
......@@ -547,6 +547,13 @@
added. This has been fixed. [GL #105]
The view name is now included in the output of
<command>rndc nta -dump</command>, for consistency with
other options. [GL !816]
<command>named</command> now rejects excessively large
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