Commit 636074b7 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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mark branches as closed

parent 437404e8
......@@ -15,45 +15,45 @@ avoid_gettimeofday new
bind9-gss-tsig new
bind9-gsstsig new
compiled_zonefile open // wire format zone file, under development
da new
da closed // aborted DNSSEC DA flag
dlz open sra // dynamicly loadable zones
ds new
ds13 new
ds13 closed
edns1 new
gsstsig2 new
jinmei-mmapzone-test new
libbind_clean open jinmei
mlg-20000518 new
newconfig new
newconfig closed
openssl_stub open marka
optin new
optin closed // aborted DNSSEC OPTIN code
peter private peter // hostname.bind for 9.2.x
queryperf-v6 review // IPv6 transport support for queryperf
rdata_split new
rt10038 new
rt10272 new
rt10272a new
rt10440 new
rt10440a new
rdata_split closed
rt10038 closed
rt10272 closed
rt10272a closed
rt10440 closed
rt10440a closed
rt10864 open marka
rt11069 new
rt11069_v9_2 new
rt11156 new
rt11156_v9_2 new
rt11163 new
rt11163_1 new
rt11206 new
rt11069 closed
rt11069_v9_2 closed
rt11156 closed
rt11156_v9_2 closed
rt11163 closed
rt11163_1 closed
rt11206 closed
rt11398a open sra // doxygen dev
rt11543 open jakob
rt11733 new
rt11733b new
rt11943 new
rt12023 new
rt12024 new
rt12133 new
rt12154 new
rt12281 new
rt12286 new
rt11733 open jakob
rt11733b open jakob
rt11943 closed
rt12023 closed
rt12024 closed
rt12133 closed
rt12154 closed
rt12281 closed
rt12286 closed
rt12321 new
rt12321a new
rt12321b new
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