Commit 642e4ac7 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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Fix out-of-srcdir build with native pkcs11 (#38831)

parent 7ab0c9f1
4086. [bug] Fix out-of-srcdir build with native pkcs11. [RT #38831]
4085. [bug] ISC_PLATFORM_HAVEXADDQ could be inconsistently set.
[RT #38828]
......@@ -51,21 +51,21 @@ MANOBJS = ${MANPAGES} ${HTMLPAGES}
pkcs11-list@EXEEXT@: @srcdir@/pkcs11-list.@O@ ${DEPLIBS}
pkcs11-list@EXEEXT@: pkcs11-list.@O@ ${DEPLIBS}
-o $@ @srcdir@/pkcs11-list.@O@ ${LIBS}
-o $@ pkcs11-list.@O@ ${LIBS}
pkcs11-destroy@EXEEXT@: @srcdir@/pkcs11-destroy.@O@ ${DEPLIBS}
pkcs11-destroy@EXEEXT@: pkcs11-destroy.@O@ ${DEPLIBS}
-o $@ @srcdir@/pkcs11-destroy.@O@ ${LIBS}
-o $@ pkcs11-destroy.@O@ ${LIBS}
pkcs11-keygen@EXEEXT@: @srcdir@/pkcs11-keygen.@O@ ${DEPLIBS}
pkcs11-keygen@EXEEXT@: pkcs11-keygen.@O@ ${DEPLIBS}
-o $@ @srcdir@/pkcs11-keygen.@O@ ${LIBS}
-o $@ pkcs11-keygen.@O@ ${LIBS}
pkcs11-tokens@EXEEXT@: @srcdir@/pkcs11-tokens.@O@ ${DEPLIBS}
pkcs11-tokens@EXEEXT@: pkcs11-tokens.@O@ ${DEPLIBS}
-o $@ @srcdir@/pkcs11-tokens.@O@ ${LIBS}
-o $@ pkcs11-tokens.@O@ ${LIBS}
doc man:: ${MANOBJS}
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