Commit 64574939 authored by David Lawrence's avatar David Lawrence
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Removed useless third parameter to MPINIT macro which was always true,

because it was causing HP/UX to barf up eight lines of:

cc: "adb.c", line 2219: warning 509: Condition always evaluates to true: If clause will always be executed.
parent e06abf22
...@@ -2205,25 +2205,24 @@ dns_adb_create(isc_mem_t *mem, dns_view_t *view, isc_timermgr_t *timermgr, ...@@ -2205,25 +2205,24 @@ dns_adb_create(isc_mem_t *mem, dns_view_t *view, isc_timermgr_t *timermgr,
/* /*
* Memory pools * Memory pools
*/ */
#define MPINIT(t, p, l, n) do { \ #define MPINIT(t, p, n) do { \
result = isc_mempool_create(mem, sizeof (t), &(p)); \ result = isc_mempool_create(mem, sizeof (t), &(p)); \
if (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS) \ if (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS) \
goto fail3; \ goto fail3; \
isc_mempool_setfreemax((p), FREE_ITEMS); \ isc_mempool_setfreemax((p), FREE_ITEMS); \
isc_mempool_setfillcount((p), FILL_COUNT); \ isc_mempool_setfillcount((p), FILL_COUNT); \
isc_mempool_setname((p), n); \ isc_mempool_setname((p), n); \
if (l) \
isc_mempool_associatelock((p), &adb->mplock); \ isc_mempool_associatelock((p), &adb->mplock); \
} while (0) } while (0)
MPINIT(dns_adbname_t, adb->nmp, ISC_TRUE, "adbname"); MPINIT(dns_adbname_t, adb->nmp, "adbname");
MPINIT(dns_adbnamehook_t, adb->nhmp, ISC_TRUE, "adbnamehook"); MPINIT(dns_adbnamehook_t, adb->nhmp, "adbnamehook");
MPINIT(dns_adbzoneinfo_t, adb->zimp, ISC_TRUE, "adbzoneinfo"); MPINIT(dns_adbzoneinfo_t, adb->zimp, "adbzoneinfo");
MPINIT(dns_adbentry_t, adb->emp, ISC_TRUE, "adbentry"); MPINIT(dns_adbentry_t, adb->emp, "adbentry");
MPINIT(dns_adbfind_t, adb->ahmp, ISC_TRUE, "adbfind"); MPINIT(dns_adbfind_t, adb->ahmp, "adbfind");
MPINIT(dns_adbaddrinfo_t, adb->aimp, ISC_TRUE, "adbaddrinfo"); MPINIT(dns_adbaddrinfo_t, adb->aimp, "adbaddrinfo");
MPINIT(dns_adbfetch_t, adb->afmp, ISC_TRUE, "adbfetch"); MPINIT(dns_adbfetch_t, adb->afmp, "adbfetch");
MPINIT(dns_adbfetch6_t, adb->af6mp, ISC_TRUE, "adbfetch6"); MPINIT(dns_adbfetch6_t, adb->af6mp, "adbfetch6");
#undef MPINIT #undef MPINIT
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