Commit 651be63a authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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4343. [bug] dns_dnssec_syncupdate misdeclared in <dns/dnssec.h>.

                        [RT #42090]
parent dd185fb3
4343. [bug] dns_dnssec_syncupdate misdeclared in <dns/dnssec.h>.
[RT #42090]
4342. [bug] 'rndc flushtree' could fail to clean the tree if there
wasn't a node at the specified name. [RT #41846]
......@@ -374,7 +374,7 @@ dns_dnssec_updatekeys(dns_dnsseckeylist_t *keys, dns_dnsseckeylist_t *newkeys,
* On completion, any remaining keys in 'newkeys' are freed.
dns_dnssec_syncupdate(dns_dnsseckeylist_t *keys, dns_dnsseckeylist_t *rmkeys,
dns_rdataset_t *cds, dns_rdataset_t *cdnskey,
isc_stdtime_t now, dns_ttl_t hint_ttl, dns_diff_t *diff,
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