Commit 6537d0a1 authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt

Merge branch '872-dlz-ldap-dname' into 'master'

added DNAME support to DLZ LDAP schema, and fixed a DLZ compile error

Closes #872

See merge request !1502
parents d372d2f6 2e3b5db1
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5160. [contrib] Added DNAME support to the DLZ LDAP schema. Also
fixed a compilation bug affecting several DLZ
modules. [GL #872]
5159. [bug] dnssec-coverage was incorrectly ignoring
names specified on the command line without
trailing dots. [GL !1478]
......@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ build_querylist(const char *query_str, char **zone, char **record,
bool foundclient = false;
char *temp_str = NULL;
char *right_str = NULL;
char *token = NULL;
query_list_t *tql;
query_segment_t *tseg = NULL;
......@@ -185,3 +185,8 @@ objectclass (
DESC 'Host allowed to perform zone transfer'
MUST ( objectclass $ dlzRecordID $ dlzIPAddr ) )
objectclass (
NAME 'dlzDNameRecord'
DESC 'DNS DName record'
SUP dlzGenericRecord STRUCTURAL )
......@@ -40,6 +40,14 @@ dn: dlzHostName=~,,ou=dns,o=bind-dlz
objectclass: dlzHost
dlzHostName: ~
dn: dlzHostName=cname,,ou=dns,o=bind-dlz
objectclass: dlzHost
dlzHostName: cname
dn: dlzHostName=dname,,ou=dns,o=bind-dlz
objectclass: dlzHost
dlzHostName: dname
dn: dlzRecordID=1,dlzHostName=@,,ou=dns,o=bind-dlz
objectclass: dlzGenericRecord
dlzRecordID: 1
......@@ -166,3 +174,19 @@ dn: dlzRecordID=15,,ou=dns,o=bind-dlz
objectclass: dlzXFR
dlzRecordID: 15
dn: dlzRecordID=16,dlzHostName=cname,,ou=dns,o=bind-dlz
objectclass: dlzCNameRecord
dlzRecordID: 16
dlzHostName: cname
dlzType: cname
dlzData: www
dlzTTL: 10
dn: dlzRecordID=17,dlzHostName=dname,,ou=dns,o=bind-dlz
objectclass: dlzDNameRecord
dlzRecordID: 17
dlzHostName: dname
dlzType: dname
dlzTTL: 10
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