Commit 657f3b37 authored by Andreas Gustafsson's avatar Andreas Gustafsson
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added final wiring for the listen-on-v6 statement

parent 47058d17
......@@ -1201,12 +1201,25 @@ load_configuration(const char *filename, ns_server_t *server,
* Ditto for IPv6.
ns_listenlist_t *listenon = NULL;
CHECK(ns_listenlist_default(ns_g_mctx, listen_port, &listenon));
dns_c_lstnlist_t *clistenon = NULL;
ns_listenlist_t *listenon = NULL;
(void) dns_c_ctx_getv6listenlist(cctx, &clistenon);
if (clistenon != NULL) {
result = ns_listenlist_fromconfig(clistenon,
} else {
/* Not specified, use default. */
CHECK(ns_listenlist_default(ns_g_mctx, listen_port,
ns_interfacemgr_setlistenon6(server->interfacemgr, listenon);
* Rescan the interface list to pick up changes in the
* listen-on option. It's important that we do this before we try
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