Commit 66278729 authored by Vicky Risk's avatar Vicky Risk
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Update builtin.c to add Mukund, Michal and Ondrej to bind authors list

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......@@ -361,6 +361,7 @@ do_authors_lookup(dns_sdblookup_t *lookup) {
"Bob Halley",
"Evan Hunt",
"JINMEI Tatuya",
"Michal Kepien",
"Witold Krecicki",
"David Lawrence",
"Scott Mann",
......@@ -369,6 +370,8 @@ do_authors_lookup(dns_sdblookup_t *lookup) {
"Matt Nelson",
"Jeremy C. Reed",
"Michael Sawyer",
"Mukund Sivaraman",
"Ondrej Sury"'
"Brian Wellington",
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