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Irix, MipsPRO 7.4.1m not 7.3.1m

parent 7b6de22c
......@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ Building
* gcc-3.2.1 and gcc-3.1.1 is known to cause problems with solaris-x86.
* gcc prior to gcc-3.2.3 ultrasparc generates incorrect code at -02.
* gcc-3.3.5 powerpc generates incorrect code at -02.
* Irix, MipsPRO 7.3.1m is known to cause problems.
* Irix, MipsPRO 7.4.1m is known to cause problems.
A limited test suite can be run with "make test". Many of
the tests require you to configure a set of virtual IP addresses
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