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silence cppcheck portability warning

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4944. [cleanup] Silence cppcheck portability warnings in
lib/isc/tests/buffer_test.c. [GL #239]
4943. [bug] Change 4687 consumed too much memory when running
system tests with --with-tuning=large. Reduced the
hash table size to 512 entries for 'named -m record'
......@@ -265,10 +265,15 @@ ATF_TC_BODY(isc_buffer_printf, tc) {
* Check an empty format string is properly handled.
* Note: we don't use a string literal for the format string to
* avoid triggering [-Werror=format-zero-length].
* Note: we have a dummy third argument as some compilers complain
* without it.
prev_used = used;
empty_fmt = "";
result = isc_buffer_printf(b, empty_fmt, NULL);
result = isc_buffer_printf(b, empty_fmt, "");
used = isc_buffer_usedlength(b);
ATF_CHECK_EQ(prev_used, used);
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