Commit 6c6ad82a authored by David Lawrence's avatar David Lawrence
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line 454: remark(1552): variable "delim" was set but never used.

It was removed and the function call that set it (getword) was cast to void.
In the context in which it was being used, the return value was not needed.
parent 221aacd5
......@@ -452,7 +452,6 @@ lwres_result_t
lwres_conf_parse(lwres_context_t *ctx, const char *filename) {
FILE *fp = NULL;
char word[256];
int delim;
lwres_result_t rval;
lwres_conf_t *confdata;
......@@ -469,7 +468,7 @@ lwres_conf_parse(lwres_context_t *ctx, const char *filename) {
do {
delim = getword(fp, word, sizeof(word));
(void)getword(fp, word, sizeof(word));
if (strlen(word) == 0) {
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