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5277. [bug] Cache DB statistics could underflow when serve-stale
was in use, because of a bug in counter maintenance
when RRsets become stale.
Functions for dumping statistics have been updated
to dump active, stale, and ancient statistic
counters. Ancient RRset counters are prefixed
with '~'; stale RRset counters are still prefixed
with '#'. [GL #602]
5276. [func] DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV) is now obsolete;
all code enabling its use has been removed from the
validator, "delv", and the DNSSEC tools. [GL #7]
......@@ -341,6 +341,16 @@
to root priming queries; this has been corrected. [GL #1092]
Cache database statistics counters could report invalid values
when stale answers were enabled, because of a bug in counter
maintenance when cache data becomes stale. The statistics counters
have been corrected to report the number of RRsets for each
RR type that are active, stale but still potentially served,
or stale and marked for deletion. [GL #602]
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