Commit 6edc414a authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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mark branches as closed

parent 68843c99
......@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ Branch Status Whom // Comments
bind9-gss-tsig new
bind9-gsstsig new
dlz open sra // dynamicly loadable zones
ds new
edns1 new
ds closed
edns1 open marka
gsstsig2 new
jinmei-mmapzone-test new // mmap based zone file. very experimental, just for reference purposes
libbind_clean open jinmei
......@@ -25,29 +25,29 @@ rt11398a open sra // doxygen dev
rt11543 open jakob
rt11733 open jakob
rt11733b open jakob
rt12321 new
rt12321a new
rt12321b new
rt12322 new
rt12323 new
rt12327 new
rt12328 new
rt12352 new
rt12375 new
rt12376 new
rt12404 new
rt12410 new
rt12416 new
rt12467 new
rt12492 new
rt12493 new
rt12498 new
rt12505a new
rt12505b new
rt12519 new
rt12541 new
rt12557 new
rt12581 new
rt12321 closed
rt12321a closed
rt12321b closed
rt12322 closed
rt12323 closed
rt12327 closed
rt12328 closed
rt12352 closed
rt12375 closed
rt12376 closed
rt12404 closed
rt12410 closed
rt12416 closed
rt12467 closed
rt12492 closed
rt12493 closed
rt12498 closed
rt12505a closed
rt12505b closed
rt12519 closed
rt12541 closed
rt12557 closed
rt12581 closed
rt12634 new
rt12658 new
rt12695 new
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