Commit 6f9fbf8b authored by James Brister's avatar James Brister
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Prototypes for tkey-domain and tkey-dhkey related functions.

parent bb4b118f
......@@ -125,7 +125,9 @@ struct dns_c_options
char *stats_filename;
char *memstats_filename;
char *named_xfer;
char *tkeydomain;
char *tkeydhkey;
isc_uint32_t flags;
isc_uint32_t max_ncache_ttl;
......@@ -292,6 +294,10 @@ isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_setmemstatsfilename(isc_log_t *lctx,
const char *newval);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_setnamedxfer(isc_log_t *lctx,
dns_c_ctx_t *cfg, const char *newval);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_settkeydomain(isc_log_t *lctx,
dns_c_ctx_t *cfg, const char *newval);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_settkeydhkey(isc_log_t *lctx,
dns_c_ctx_t *cfg, const char *newval);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_setmaxncachettl(isc_log_t *lctx,
dns_c_ctx_t *cfg,
isc_uint32_t newval);
......@@ -456,6 +462,10 @@ isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_getmemstatsfilename(isc_log_t *lctx,
char **retval);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_getnamedxfer(isc_log_t *lctx,
dns_c_ctx_t *cfg, char **retval);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_gettkeydomain(isc_log_t *lctx,
dns_c_ctx_t *cfg, char **retval);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_gettkeydhkey(isc_log_t *lctx,
dns_c_ctx_t *cfg, char **retval);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_getmaxncachettl(isc_log_t *lctx, dns_c_ctx_t *cfg,
isc_uint32_t *retval);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_gettransfersin(isc_log_t *lctx, dns_c_ctx_t *cfg,
......@@ -84,7 +84,9 @@ struct dns_c_srv
dns_transfer_format_t transfer_format;
int transfers;
isc_boolean_t support_ixfr;
dns_c_kidlist_t *keys;
dns_c_kidlist_t *keys;
char *tkeydomain;
char *tkeydhkey;
dns_c_setbits_t bitflags;
......@@ -101,6 +103,11 @@ isc_result_t dns_c_srvlist_new(isc_log_t *lctx, isc_mem_t *mem,
isc_result_t dns_c_srvlist_delete(isc_log_t *lctx, dns_c_srvlist_t **list);
void dns_c_srvlist_print(isc_log_t *lctx, FILE *fp, int indent,
dns_c_srvlist_t *servers);
isc_result_t dns_c_srvlist_servbyaddr(isc_log_t *lctx,
dns_c_srvlist_t *servers,
isc_sockaddr_t addr,
dns_c_srv_t **retval);
isc_result_t dns_c_srv_new(isc_log_t *lctx, isc_mem_t *mem,
isc_sockaddr_t ipaddr,
......@@ -130,6 +137,17 @@ isc_result_t dns_c_srv_gettransferformat(isc_log_t *lctx,
isc_result_t dns_c_srv_get_keylist(isc_log_t *lctx, dns_c_srv_t *server,
dns_c_kidlist_t **keylist);
isc_result_t dns_c_srv_settkeydomain(isc_log_t *lctx, dns_c_srv_t *server,
char *newval);
isc_result_t dns_c_srv_gettkeydomain(isc_log_t *lctx, dns_c_srv_t *server,
char **retval);
isc_result_t dns_c_srv_settkeydhkey(isc_log_t *lctx, dns_c_srv_t *server,
char *newval);
isc_result_t dns_c_srv_gettkeydhkey(isc_log_t *lctx, dns_c_srv_t *server,
char **retval);
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