Commit 70b065bd authored by Bob Halley's avatar Bob Halley
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bits was being ORed with the mask instead of ANDed.

Update the entry's flags too.
parent 4f6dd514
......@@ -3427,7 +3427,15 @@ dns_adb_changeflags(dns_adb_t *adb, dns_adbaddrinfo_t *addr,
bucket = addr->entry->lock_bucket;
addr->flags = (addr->flags & ~mask) | (bits | mask);
addr->entry->flags = (addr->entry->flags & ~mask) | (bits & mask);
* Note that we do not update the other bits in addr->flags with
* the most recent values from addr->entry->flags.
* XXXRTH I think this is what we want, because otherwise flags
* that the caller didn't ask to change could be updated.
addr->flags = (addr->flags & ~mask) | (bits & mask);
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