Commit 71637c64 authored by Bob Halley's avatar Bob Halley
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Add more comments about synthesizing a CNAME when following a DNAME.

parent f181f94e
......@@ -1992,6 +1992,16 @@ query_find(ns_client_t *client, dns_fetchevent_t *event) {
query_keepname(client, fname, dbuf);
* Synthesize a CNAME for this DNAME.
* We want to synthesize a CNAME since if we don't
* then older software that doesn't understand DNAME
* will not chain like it should.
* We do not try to synthesize a signature because we hope
* that security aware servers will understand DNAME. Also,
* even if we had an online key, making a signature
* on-the-fly is costly, and not really legitimate anyway
* since the synthesized CNAME is NOT in the zone.
dns_name_init(tname, NULL);
query_addcname(client, client->query.qname, fname,
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