Commit 71931ab6 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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Tweak CHANGES to match style

parent d14c2683
4140. [cleanup] Remove redundant nzf_remove() call during delzone.
[RT #39844]
4139. [doc] fix rpz-client-ip documentation [RT #39783]
4139. [doc] Fix rpz-client-ip documentation. [RT #39783]
4138. [bug] An uninitialized value in validator.c could result
in an assertion failure. (CVE-2015-4620) [RT #39795]
4137. [bug] rndc reconfig reports configuration errors the same
way rndc reload does [RT #39635]
4137. [bug] Make rndc reconfig report configuration errors the
same way rndc reload does. [RT #39635]
4136. [bug] Stale statistics counters with the leading
'#' prefix (such as #NXDOMAIN) were not being
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