Commit 7208c94e authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý
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Use forward slashes instead of backslashes as directory separator on Windows

parent d179d126
......@@ -10,10 +10,9 @@
find */*/win32 win32utils -name \*.in |
sed -e '/\/$/d' \
-e 's/\//\\\\\\\\/g' \
-e 's/.in$/"/' \
-e 's/^/"..\\\\\\\\/' \
-e 's/"..\\\\\\\\win32utils\\\\\\\\/"/' |
-e 's/^/"..\//' \
-e 's/"..\/win32utils\//"/' |
while read f
if grep -F "$f" win32utils/Configure > /dev/null
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