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5230. [protocol] The SHA-1 hash algorithm is no longer used when
generating DS and CDS records. [GL #1015]
5229. [protocol] Enforce known SSHFP fingerprint lengths. [GL #852]
5228. [func] If trusted-keys and managed-keys were configured
......@@ -144,6 +144,21 @@
configuration error. [GL #868]
DS and CDS records are now generated with SHA-256 digests
only, instead of both SHA-1 and SHA-256. This affects the
default output of <command>dnssec-dsfromkey</command>, the
<filename>dsset</filename> files generated by
<command>dnssec-signzone</command>, the DS records added to
a zone by <command>dnssec-signzone</command> based on
<filename>keyset</filename> files, the CDS records added to
a zone by <command>named</command> and
<command>dnssec-signzone</command> based on "sync" timing
parameters in key files, and the checks performed by
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