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5467. [func] The control channel and the rndc utility have been
updated to use the new network manager. To support
this, the network manager was updated to enable
wthe initiation of client TCP connections. Its
internal reference counting has been refactored.
Note: As side effects of this change, rndc cannot
currently be used with UNIX-domain sockets, and its
default timeout has changed from 60 seconds to 30.
These will be addressed in a future release.
[GL #1759]
5466. [bug] Addressed an error in recursive clients stats reporting.
[GL #1719]
......@@ -24,7 +24,14 @@ Known Issues
New Features
- None.
- ``rndc`` has been updated to use the new BIND network manager API.
This change had the side effect of altering the TCP timeout for RNDC
connections from 60 seconds to the ``tcp-idle-timeout`` value, which
defaults to 30 seconds. Also, because the network manager currently
has no support for UNIX-domain sockets, those cannot now be used
with ``rndc``. This will be addressed in a future release, either by
restoring UNIX-domain socket support or by formally declaring them
to be obsolete in the control channel. [GL #1759]
Feature Changes
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