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Update Coverity Scan CI job to 2020.09

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......@@ -1321,10 +1321,10 @@ release:
test "$(md5sum cov-analysis-linux64.tgz | awk '{ print $1 }')" = "$(cat cov-analysis-linux64.md5)"
tar --extract --gzip --file=cov-analysis-linux64.tgz
test -d cov-analysis-linux64-2019.03
test -d cov-analysis-linux64-2020.09
.coverity_build: &coverity_build |
cov-analysis-linux64-2019.03/bin/cov-build --dir cov-int sh -c 'make -j${BUILD_PARALLEL_JOBS:-1} -k all V=1'
cov-analysis-linux64-2020.09/bin/cov-build --dir cov-int sh -c 'make -j${BUILD_PARALLEL_JOBS:-1} -k all V=1'
tar --create --gzip --file=cov-int.tar.gz cov-int/
--form token=$COVERITY_SCAN_TOKEN \
......@@ -1360,7 +1360,7 @@ coverity:
key: cov-analysis-linux64-2019.03
key: cov-analysis-linux64-2020.09
- cov-analysis-linux64.md5
- cov-analysis-linux64.tgz
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