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......@@ -1691,18 +1691,12 @@ $ <strong class="userinput"><code>patch -p1 -d openssl-0.9.8zc \
$ <strong class="userinput"><code>cp /opt/pkcs11/usr/lib/</code></strong>
This library is only available for Linux as a 32-bit
binary. If we are compiling on a 64-bit Linux system, it is
necessary to force a 32-bit build, by specifying -m32 in the
build options.
Finally, the Keyper library requires threads, so we
The Keyper library requires threads, so we
must specify -pthread.
<pre class="screen">
$ <strong class="userinput"><code>cd openssl-0.9.8zc</code></strong>
$ <strong class="userinput"><code>./Configure linux-generic32 -m32 -pthread \
$ <strong class="userinput"><code>./Configure linux-x86_64 -pthread \
--pk11-libname=/opt/pkcs11/usr/lib/ \
--pk11-flavor=sign-only \
......@@ -1825,15 +1819,9 @@ $ <strong class="userinput"><code>./Configure linux-x86_64 -pthread \
To link with the PKCS#11 provider, threads must be
enabled in the BIND 9 build.
The PKCS#11 library for the AEP Keyper is currently
only available as a 32-bit binary. If we are building on a
64-bit host, we must force a 32-bit build by adding "-m32" to
the CC options on the "configure" command line.
<pre class="screen">
$ <strong class="userinput"><code>cd ../bind9</code></strong>
$ <strong class="userinput"><code>./configure CC="gcc -m32" --enable-threads \
$ <strong class="userinput"><code>./configure --enable-threads \
--with-openssl=/opt/pkcs11/usr \
......@@ -2517,8 +2505,8 @@ version.catalog.example. IN TXT "1"
<pre class="screen">
masters.catalog.example IN A
masters.catalog.example IN AAAA 2001:db8::1
masters.catalog.example. IN A
masters.catalog.example. IN AAAA 2001:db8::1
(Note that if more than one server is defined, the order in which
......@@ -2538,7 +2526,7 @@ masters.catalog.example IN AAAA 2001:db8::1
zone <code class="literal">domain.example</code>:
<pre class="screen">
5960775ba382e7a4e09263fc06e7c00569b6a05c.zones.catalog.example IN PTR domain.example.
5960775ba382e7a4e09263fc06e7c00569b6a05c.zones.catalog.example. IN PTR domain.example.
The hash is necessary to identify options for a specific member
......@@ -2546,8 +2534,8 @@ masters.catalog.example IN AAAA 2001:db8::1
global options, but in the member zone subdomain:
<pre class="screen">
masters.5960775ba382e7a4e09263fc06e7c00569b6a05c.zones.catalog.example IN A
masters.5960775ba382e7a4e09263fc06e7c00569b6a05c.zones.catalog.example IN AAAA 2001:db8::2
masters.5960775ba382e7a4e09263fc06e7c00569b6a05c.zones.catalog.example. IN A
masters.5960775ba382e7a4e09263fc06e7c00569b6a05c.zones.catalog.example. IN AAAA 2001:db8::2
As would be expected, options defined for a specific zone override
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