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Check libidn2 version before proceding with one of the tests.

A known issue in libidn2 causes one of the tests of a fake A-label
to fail.  The problem should be corrected in version 2.0.5 of
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......@@ -136,6 +136,46 @@ idna_fail() {
status=`expr $status + $ret`
# Check if current version of libidn2 is >= a given version
# This requires that:
# a) "pkg-config" exists on the system
# b) The libidn2 installed has an associated ".pc" file
# c) The system sort command supports "-V"
# $1 - Minimum version required
# Returns:
# 0 - Version check is OK, libidn2 at required version or greater.
# 1 - Version check was made, but libidn2 not at required version.
# 2 - Could not carry out version check
libidn_version_check() {
if [ -n "`command -v pkg-config`" ]; then
version=`pkg-config --modversion --silence-errors libidn2`
if [ -n "$version" ]; then
# Does the sort command have a "-V" flag on this system?
sort -V 2>&1 > /dev/null << .
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
# Sort -V exists. Sort the IDN version and the minimum version
# required. If the IDN version is greater than or equal to that
# version, it will appear last in the list.
last_version=`printf "%s\n" $version $1 | sort -V | tail -1`
if [ "$version" = "$last_version" ]; then
return $ret
# Function to check that case is preserved for an all-ASCII label.
# Without IDNA support, case-preservation is the expected behavior.
......@@ -270,10 +310,16 @@ idna_enabled_test() {
text="Checking fake A-label"
idna_fail "$text" "" "xn--ahahah"
idna_test "$text" "+noidnin +noidnout" "xn--ahahah" "xn--ahahah."
# The next test is commented out as libidn2 gives invalid output for the
# invalid punycode name. Until this is fixed, the test will be skipped.
# idna_test "$text" "+noidnin +idnout" "xn--ahahah" "xn--ahahah."
echo_i "(fake A-label: +noidnin +idnout test skipped due to libidn2 issues)"
# Owing to issues with libdns, the next test will fail for versions of
# libidn earlier than 2.0.5. For this reason, get the version (if
# available) and compare with 2.0.5.
libidn_version_check 2.0.5
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
echo_i "Skipping fake A-label +noidnin +idnout test (libidn2 version issues)"
idna_test "$text" "+noidnin +idnout" "xn--ahahah" "xn--ahahah."
idna_fail "$text" "+idnin +noidnout" "xn--ahahah"
idna_fail "$text" "+idnin +idnout" "xn--ahahah"
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