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noted that $GENERATE is unimplemented

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......@@ -93,6 +93,12 @@ This is not legal master file syntax and will be treated as an error
by BIND 9. The fix is to move the opening parenthesis to the first
2.5. Unimplemented BIND 8 Extensions
BIND 8 supports a nonstandard master file directive "$GENERATE" for
automatically generating multiple instances of certain RRs from a
template. This directive is currently unimplemented in BIND 9.
3. Interoperability Impact of New Protocol Features
......@@ -136,4 +142,4 @@ if applications with these flaws are still being used, they should
be upgraded.
$Id: migration,v 1.10 2000/09/01 18:30:30 gson Exp $
$Id: migration,v 1.11 2000/09/05 16:51:01 gson Exp $
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